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A Shuttle Service That Will Accommodate You And Your Colleagues

After sitting for several hours on a nonstop flight, you and your colleagues may be tired, especially if everyone is experiencing jetlag due to a time difference. Unfortunately, you will still need to figure out your airport transportation after you land. Hailing a cab or reserving a rental car may be the last thing that anyone wants to contend with. Instead, you can make plans to split the cost on a shuttle vehicle, which will provide transportation from the airport and to your hotel or any businesses around town that you or the others would like to stop at.

How Can You Reserve A Ride Or Find Out About The Cost?

A shuttle service will have an online app that can be used for booking purposes and to determine the cost of your trip. You can even add the places that you would like the driver to stop, after picking you and the others up from the airport. This will ensure that a driver will be available when you need them and that you will be provided with a price upfront.

The cost of each leg of your trip will be broken down. This will help you pinpoint how much you and your colleagues owe for the trip. In addition to reserving a car and a driver, you can choose the type of vehicle and any luxury features that you would like included. If you and only a couple others will be riding and you are going to be heading straight to your hotel to get a good night's rest, you may be inclined to choose an economy vehicle that doesn't include any upgrades.

If you and your colleagues are going to be headed to a destination that is several miles from the airport and the impression that is made on others is important, a luxury sedan or an SUV may be preferred. Either of these vehicles will be equipped with a large cargo and sitting area and may contain a partition, which will separate you and your group from the driver. 

What About Tipping And Additional Outings?

Speak to your co-workers about the manner in which your driver's tip will be handled. Each of you can chip in an equal amount to provide the driver with their gratuity, or you can decide upon individual tips, based upon everyone's level of satisfaction.

If you decide to go separate ways from your group and only consult with the others during formal business meetings, you can also make plans to reserve a shuttle service for additional outings that you are going to participate in on your own.