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What Can A Carnival Concierge Do For You?

Carnival is a traditional event that is widely celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago each year. The festivities are held on the days leading up to Ash Wednesday. The Carnival celebration is one of the biggest mardi gras events in the world, so the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming for a first-time participant. Fortunately, a Carnival concierge can help. Here are four things a Carnival concierge can do for you.

1. Help you rent a costume.

During Carnival, performers and revelers fill the streets wearing beautiful costumes. These costumes can be simple or elaborate, but they're always bright and colorful. Putting on a costume of your own is one of the best ways to join the fun. Your Carnival concierge can help you rent a costume for the event. You can simply pick out a costume in a style that you like, and your concierge will make sure it's delivered to your hotel room.

2. Secure salon services.

Beautiful, eye-catching makeup will perfectly complement your costume. The makeup worn to Carnival is unlike everyday makeup. Carnival gives you a chance to wear bold, dramatic looks that you can't wear anywhere else. Your concierge can book you for salon services. You can make a trip to the salon, or a makeup artist can come to your hotel room to help you get dolled up for Carnival. They can even provide hairstyling services so that your hair will look as good as the rest of your costume does.

3. Get you tickets to parties.

In addition to parades and block parties, you will also find many private parties happening during Carnival. These parties are called fetes. A Carnival concierge can get you tickets to the fetes you're interested in. Some of these are events are called cooler parties, where you'll be expected to bring your own cooler of refreshments if you want to drink. Other events feature a paid bar, and some parties offer an open bar where drinks are included with the price of your ticket. Speak to your concierge about getting tickets for the type of party that sounds fun to you.

4. Schedule tours.

While you're in Trinidad and Tobago, you may want to take some time to enjoy the beauty of the islands. Your concierge can help you schedule tours in between your Carnival revelries. When you need to get away from the raucous parties for a little while, you can tour the beaches or enjoy some local music. When you're ready, you can get right back to the party.

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